The ‘’Aversi’’ company was founded in 1994. It created more than 10 000 jobs in Georgia and established a high standard of service. It is one of the leaders in the Georgian Pharmacy market and has the largest store chain of pharmacies and clinics in Georgia. The number of pharmacy store chains in Tbilisi includes 116 objects, and in the regions – 146.
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Vaziani was founded in 1982 and modernized in 2012. The restructured factory has been equipped with modern Italian equipment and the reservoirs are made of non-corrosive metal. This is a unique enterprise with a closed production circle, which starts from the selection of grapes and ends with the creation of a final product, which fully corresponds to ISO22000-2015 international standards.

Georgian Agro House is a packager and distributor company of agriculture products with a full package of services. Through cooperating with local greenhouses and farmers company practices the realization of vegetables and fruits in the local and export markets. 
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“Bagrationi 1882’’ is the largest sparkling wine company and the sole leader in the Georgian market. It holds 75% of the market. ‘Bagrationi 1882’’ produces 13 types of sparkling wine, approximately two million bottles per year. 
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‘’Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking’’ was founded in 2001. Today KTW produces approximately 90 types of wine. And also brandy, sparkling wine, and chacha. In the year 2021, the KTW group produced approximately 18 million bottles of wine, sparkling wine, brandy, and chacha.

SHILDA Winery was founded in 2014, but the story began yet many years ago. Winery is located in the principal region of the viniculture of Georgia – Kakheti, village Shilda. Located on 6 ha, SHILDA Winery is equipped with modern Italian and French facilities.
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Campa provides households with natural, high-quality products. As a family-owned business founded over a decade ago, they’re grown into Georgia’s leading juice producer and fast-growing exporter. Their product incorporates two format juice tetra and glass and 14 varieties of juices and nectars, made from the finest fruits grown locally and abroad.
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“Barambo” LTD is a Georgian Confectionary Company producing chocolate/sweets and it was founded on March 11th 2009. It is the unique one in Southern Caucasus by its volume, quality and production technology.
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The company Royal Khvanchkara continues the winery tradition with its long history and innovative image and offers interesting flavors of wines that are created through special technologies.

The coffee-producing company ‘’Cherie’’ appeared in the Georgian market in 2014 and began to produce industrial coffee. As of today, ‘’Cherry’’ produces approximately 40 kinds of products and offers unique technology-made, exceptionally tasteful, 100% natural coffee to the customers. 
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The ‘’Schuchmann Wines Georgia’’ company was founded in 2008 and it’s been 12 years since it produces high-quality wine. The vineyards of the company are cultivated in well-known and the best micro-zones.  Total of 130 hectares in micro-zones of Napareuli, Kindzmarauli, and Tsinandali. ‘’Shukhman Wines Georgia’’ produces 11 species of wine.

In a country, where the wine production counts more than thousands of years, the first Georgian wine brandy appears only in 19th century and is connected to David Sarajishvili name. David Sarajishvili’s biggest will and tireless effort resulted in creating the first Georgian wine brandy. The company was launched in 1884 and in about three years in 1887 - produced the first product.

Establishing, redesigning, renovating, protecting or refurbishing living spaces – here Caparol has the suitable product for any project and any requirement. With excellent product quality and extensive technical competence, they are ready to lend a hand – for any conceivable challenge.

EFES Georgia is the leader of the Georgian beer and lemonade market. The company has been in export markets since 2006. offer consumers 12 beer brands such as Natakhtari, Natakhtari Extra, Karva, Kasris, Taati, Staropramen, Lowenbrau, including imported brands.

NIKORA, founded with the Georgian capital, has held the leading position in the local food products market for 25 years. The business started with the production of food products soon expanded in different areas. At present, the holding incorporates meat products, semi-finished products, fish products, dairy products, ice-cream, bakery products, salads and wine companies.

Tbilvino is one of the biggest and most successful companies in Georgia. Its products are known, appreciated and trusted in more than 30 countries around the world.

"Sante GMT Products" was founded in 1997 on the basis of Tbilisi Dairy Plant. Dairy Plant was functioning in the 50s and was the largest milk producing spot in the Transcaucasia. Since 2016, "Sante GTM Products" has become a member of the Worlds Dairy Products Market Leader Group-"Lactalis". 
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IDS Borjomi International is the largest manufacturer of natural mineral water. According to the production indicator, IDS Borjomi International is the market leader in the CIS and Baltic markets in the segment of the bottled natural mineral waters.

“Champ’’ has various assortments and produces 12 kinds of apple chips. The product is a healthy alternative to potato chips that are made on an apple base. The goal of the company is to become a leader in the world market of healthy snacks. It has a new approach, the industry of apple chips.

The Coca‑Cola Company has been refreshing the world and making a difference for over 136 years.

The company "Aqua Geo" was founded in 2009. The founders of the company set as their goal the popularization of unique Georgian water both in Georgia and abroad.

The company's goal is the production and bottling of Georgian unique, high-quality non-carbonated mineral water, its sale and popularization in the local and foreign markets.

To achieve its goals, the Aqua Geo company uses technologies that make it possible to bring truly unique Georgian natural water to the consumer in its original form. And such an opportunity can only be provided by an enterprise created in accordance with modern European standards.

Winery Khareba is a company oriented on preserving unique winemaking culture using traditional methods as well as modern technologies for creating high-quality products.

Winery Mtevino is the new Georgian wine producing company, which is a modern conceptual space based on Georgian guest-host traditions.  Cellar is located in the village of Khashmi, Sagarejo district, 40 km from Tbilisi. Mtevino is the perfect place to discover Georgian wine and wine tradition

“SWEET COUNTRY” LTD was founded in December 2005. The company started its functioning in March 2006. 

At present, the factory offers customers many types of sweets, which in addition to the diversity, stands out of its high quality and nutritional value. The company “Sweet Country” deservedly has obtained from its consumer, the name of reliable and high quality production making company. Just their feedback and consideration of customer demands is the result that authority of the company got firm and reliable.

Today, Twins Wine House produces about 250,000 liters of wine annually, half of which is supplied to the Georgian market, and the rest is exported. The main niche of the company is wine bottled in the traditional Georgian method.

The tourist complex is always open for both Georgian and foreign guests. The complex includes both hotel rooms and open and closed wine cellars, Kevari and Qvevri wine museum, restaurant and banquet spaces.
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At Campa, they provide households with natural, high-quality products. As a family-owned business founded over a decade ago, they’ve grown into Georgia’s leading juice producer and fast growing exporter. Campa’s product portfolio incorporates two formats juice tetra and glass and 14 varieties of juices and nectars, made from finest fruits grown locally and abroad.

The company of Askaneli Brothers owns wineries in the Kakheti-zone of Kindzmarauli and in Guria in the district of Ozurgeti at the Village Bakhvi. The company has been responsible for the preservation of production of a unique species of wine called Chkhaveri. Askaneli Brothers is one of the exceptions in Georgia in having dedicated equipment for the production of brandy and Chacha. Strict supervision over all stages of the production processes, as well as low temperature treatment, provide an opportunity for manufacturing of a wide assortment of high quality wines. The company uses traditional as well as contemporary technologies and makes a point of inviting the best winemakers to join it.

It was 1997 when two young winemakers started Teliani Valley. They did it for the liberty to make the wine they wanted – free and authentic.

Teliani Valley cellar is located in Telavi, Kakheti Region in the heart of Georgian winemaking. Their own vineyards are planted at a total surface of 700 hectares.

Manna - Georgian Company, which produces premium quality tea. Agricultural products processing and packing factory MANNA, equipped with modern technologies, was opened in 2017. The company owns the factory in village Saguramo, which is equipped with modern infrastructure and equipment.
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The Company “Sairme Mineral Waters” Lrd produces and distributes sparkling mineral and non-carbonated spring water under the famous Georgian brand SAIRME. 
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Founded in 2001, Kindzmarauli Marani is a producer of exquisite Georgian wines and spirits. The company’s modern winery is equipped with the latest technologies. Historically, more than 500 Georgian endemic vine varieties exist and 423 of these are showcased in the museum at the front of the winery, chosen and cultivated by the experts of the company. “Kindzmarauli Marani’s” distinctive location allows the company to produce around 20 types of wines from various Kakhetian grape varieties by applying traditional wine-making technologies.

The company “Badagoni” was founded in 2006 and now owns a winery with one of the most modern technologies in Eastern Europe. The company’s philosophy is respect for Georgian unique traditions and at the same time it aims to create high-quality Georgian wines using the latest technology and scientific knowledge. It has 400 hectares of vineyards in every micro-zone of Kakheti and produces wine from only Georgian varieties of grapes.

GEO-ORGANIC LTD was founded in 2018, It is located in Kakheti. We plan to produce Georgian fruits, vegetables and herbs in the cabin Drying method, organically, without any preservatives, including Without sulfur dioxide. The goal of the company is to make healthy, Production of organic products, for which we introduce the highest international ISO standard.

Company Agrida was founded in 2018 in the village Shilda, in Kvareli. The site for the winery was specially selected with taking into consideration the characteristics of the existing micro-zone.

The Winery is located on 42 000 m2 area in Kindzmarauli micro-zone. The 56 hectares of vineyards owned by the company provide the opportunity to bottle the best quality wine. The company produces more than 25 types of alcoholic beverages, which are distinguished by the highest quality.

Jujuna wine isn’t exactly still and not quite sparkling either. Its characteristic acidity is an inevitable byproduct of being made from early-harvest rkatsiteli and mtsvane grapes. and the light bubbles? they come into being through secondary fermentation. The humble 11% alcohol volume is not to be trusted. Distinct notes of yellow berries and green apples are hard to miss, making Jujuna exceptionally fresh, breezy and zippy. that's why it’s the go-to ingredient of myriad cocktails.

KERKI is a Georgian dried fruit brand, presenting the enterprise in the center of Georgia's subtropical agricultural heartland. The enterprise is located in an ecologically clean environment, in the highlands of Ajara, and producesproduces five types of products: dried fruits, Georgian traditional, famous candle shaped candy churchkhela, fruit leather, candied fruit and nuts, according to the highest standard of food safety management (ISO22000). The enterprise owns high-quality and high-performance automated machinery for processing, drying, sorting, packaging of products.

Rtvelisi is a quality-oriented Georgian winemaking company. The company was founded by friends who had owned vineyards in Kakheti for years and were engaged in viticulture and winemaking. The company produces high quality wine and other alcoholic beverages such as: classic Georgian wine, traditional qvevri wine, sparkling wine, brandy and chacha. The idea of creating a company arose during one of the harvest. The name Rtvelisi accurately expresses the great tradition of grape picking, joy and respect of vine for Georgians, which has been following Georgians for 8000 years. The goal of the company was defined from the very first day of its establishment- Establish the name with high quality and unforgettable taste. Rtvelisi Wine Company has Two Trademarks "RTVELISI" and "VELLEVINE"

Kardenakhi wine factory represent the unique type of cellar, built at the end of XIX c. It is unique because of unprecedented amount of qvevris( clay vessel) . ( 700 qvevris keep 1000 Ton grapes) Brief History of the wine factory.

Dimitri Dugladze made a special contribution to the enterprises of "Dugladze Wine Company", he was distinguished by his entrepreneurial spirit, professionalism, great love and loyalty to his work. He played a big role in the development of Georgian winemaking and alcoholic beverages production, his constant goal was to provide high-quality products both to consumers and outside the country.  The business started by his father was decently continued by his sons, the Dugladze brothers, all Georgian winemaking traditions, bold experiments and being faithful to the work started by Dimitri Dugladze, he was able to establish the "Dugladze Wine Company" as a successful wine producer.

Zenishi wine cellar is located in Khashmi, well-known historic site of Kakheti region, Georgia. The Company specializes in high quality Qvevri dry wine mart segment. Modern Wine Cellar stores 48 clay vessels, known as Qvevri. Qvevri vessels buried in the ground are used for making, ageing and storing the wine. Winemaking process consists of pouring the grapes from the vintage (including grape skin, seed, stalk and pip) into Qvevri. While the fermentation/ boiling progress, the mixture is stirred 7-8 times daily. After the fermentation is finished, Qvevri is sealed. Wine production process involves storing and ageing of the wine in Qvevri during the year. Zenishi Winery combines Georgian traditional approaches and modern technological advances in its final product.

Ltd “Lithuanian Bakery +” was founded in 2005 and offers Georgian customers real Lithuanian recipe and technology. Varied products created by Lithuanian baker are tailored to customer’s taste. In 2016, Lithuanian Bakery won the Golden Brand Award for being the Healthiest Product Brand of the Year.

Mosmieri positions in the premium segment where class is what matters. They are dedicated to use only local grape varieties historically grown in the Georgian region of Kakheti.

The winery is an integral part of a wine touristic chateau designed in Georgian traditional style with modern elements. It is situated within vineyards and sits on a gentle slope overlooking the beautiful Alazani Valley and facing the snow-capped mountain range of the Great Caucasus. Apart from the wineries there is a large restaurant with bar for 250 persons, facilities for masterclasses (e.g. breadbaking in tone), a nice courtyard with cloister and fountain, a large lounge terrace, a watching tower, a wine store  with winetasting area and a spacious storage rooms in the basement. Next to the existing complex they will soon start building a hotel with 23 comfortable rooms and an outdoor swimming pool.

These two wineries own 10 ha vineyard in total and produce wine from only indigenous varieties. White grapes : Rkatsitely, Mtsvane, Qisi and Tsolikouri. Red variety – Saperavi.

We should also mention that Tsolikouri variety is originally from West part of Georgia (Racha-lechkhumi) and we buy them from wine growers. Company has a long term relationship with wine growers and is sure in grape quality.

"Teleda" produces 100% Qvevri wine. Total production is 50 000 bottle. Here they have 10 Qvevri each 2000 liter volume, 5 Qvevri with 100 and 200 liters.

"Daily" regional supermarket chain has been operating since 2014. Currently, the company has more than 160 branches in seven regions of Georgia, including Shida Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi, Samegrelo, Guria and Adjara.

The history of "Ipkli" company begins in 1993, when doing business in Georgia was not so easy. Despite many difficulties, with the love of bread and work, the company was able to grow and develop. Today, "Ipkli" produces up to 75 types of pastries in the updated and European-type enterprise of the company. Almost all stores in Tbilisi, Rustavi, Mtskhetai, Gori and Kutaisi are supplied with the bread distribution line.

Now it is at the intersection of the Alazani Valley and the South Caucasus, where the first vineyards were grown by order of Queen Tamar, that we continue the eight-thousand-year wine history of Georgia.

The company owns its own vineyards in various microzones of the Kakheti region. Every employee of the company plays an important role in achieving high quality products. Winemakers closely control the entire production process, from grape harvesting to wine bottling, which ensures the success of the final products in the consumer market and victory in various international competitions.

The history of Chelti Winery began a century ago.  The factory owns modern equipment, as well as a quality amount of traditional Qvevri. The underground wine warehouse locates in the cellars of Chelti at a depth of 7 meters.  Throughout the year, this underground depth naturally maintains a temperature of 14-17 ° C, which is the ideal heat for storing and aging wine.  Winery Chelti adds thousands of bottles to the cellar each year. Underground bottle warehouse of Chelti ages up to 150,000 premium bottles of wine. Today the Chelti Winery brand is well known in about 20 countries: America, England, China, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Japan, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belgium, Denmark, Ukraine.

"Happy Day" was opened in 2013. Over the years, loyal customers have been acquired and our network is expanding every year. Currently, they have 7 shops in Tbilisi. The most important thing for the company is the child and his creative development, so their toys are of high quality and healthy.

"Georgian Beer Company" was founded by the business group of Cezar Chochelli in 2011. This is the third group of beer and lemonade companies, established on the territory of Georgia. The 80 million investment project Zedazeni was implemented with 100% Georgian capital. Given that complexity of the market, enterprise project was really risky and daring business move, but after 8 months "Zedazeni" became a symbol of victory and success in the environment of Georgian Business. Exactly 8 months after the start of construction in an absolutely desolate place, the production of factories were waiting for the customer on the shelves along the entire trade network across the country.

Bolero & Company is part of Georgia’s largest industrial-trading group of enterprises, which also includes “Gruzwinprom” Ltd, "K and Georgian Spirits” Ltd", “Universal Spirits” Ltd and bulk stock terminal in the Poti Port Free Industrial Zone.

Jointly, the group's enterprises process more than half of the grapes grown in Georgia. Bolero & Company with the group of holding specializes in the production of high-quality wines targeted at the mass consumer. For this, the company conducts a full-cycle activity: from the purchase of grapes, carefully selecting it, to the production and aging of wines. All processes are controlled by experienced technologists.

Thanks to the wide range of fresh and matured brandy distillates and the professionalism of our company’s specialists, group of enterprises in a short time managed to develop very high quality wines that gained recognition all over the world that are exported to the following countries: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, China, etc.

The most famous trademarks are: David Iverieli, Betaneli, Daisi, Berikoni,Talavari, Ioreli, Mironi etc. Bolero & Company also produces some appellation wine and strong drinks as follows:  Tsinandali, Kindzmarauli, Mukuzani , Aragvi, Gremi, Vartsikhe.

In Racha, in the village Khvanchkara on the place of the Cellar of Prince Kipiani in 1927 Khvanchkara Winery was built, which we represent today as “Khvanchkara” Ltd. The wine-makers who have been working in the Winery for decades, passed on the Kipiani method of Khvanchkara Winemaking to the new generation that continues this fine wine making tradition.

LTD” Maknatuna” was founded in 2007. In 2013 company established Quality Management System and gained ISO 9001:2008 certificate, that was maintained until the end of 2016. 2016 was a year loaded by innovations for “Maknatuna”: introducing a list of new products, like hulled roasted and raw sunflower seeds as well as the production line of Corn Puffs – Brand under the name “Burbu”. The factory was equipped by relevant machinery. Establishing Food Safety Management System and obtaining ISO 22000:2005 certificate has become the successful end of the year.

"Camelyn LTD"started activities in 2004. "Camelyn" is a privately owned Georgian Scientific-Pharmaceutical Company, established by Ms. Ketevan Maglakelidze, Mzia Maglakelidze and Eliso Khadagishvili (Founders).

The company is dedicated towards identifying and developing immunomodulatory activity, antitumoral, antibacterial and antivirus treatment products. as well as identifying and developing biologically active compounds for use in food industry and cosmetology.

Aptos is a non-invasive thread and methods of face and body lifting, contouring and rejuvenation. The methods have been invented in 1996 by Georgian plastic surgeon Marlen Sulamanidze and has been developed by Dr. Giorgi and Konstantine Sulamanidze. The plastic thread and the methods of installing have obtained 18 patents of which 8 are international. 

Aptos methods are reliable, have momentary results, do not leave seams and help to improve and reduce process of skin fading.

From 1996 the Aptos has produced unique threads for plastic and aesthetic surgery and cosmetology that have gained the world’s recognition and are successfully applied by specialists in more than 50 countries.

"BIBLUSI" is the largest chain of bookstores in Georgia, with a great mission to make books accessible to everyone. For 15 years, "BIBLUSI" has been supporting the development of literacy, "BIBLUSI" has made a meaningful contribution to the promotion of book reading, which is very important for raising the level of education in society and for the development of the country.

The secret of the success of "BIBLUSI" lies in customer care. Along with books, Biblus offers a wide range of school stationery, electrical accessories, decor, New Year's accessories, toys, and electrical accessories.

While the 15 years of the company's existence, "BIBLUSI" has built the largest trading network of publishing products in Georgia, which meets modern standards and enjoys the trust of customers. At present, Byblus unites 60 branches all over the country. "BIBLUSI" is one of the largest employers in the country.

"BIBLUSI Group" is one of the largest retailers in Georgia, in addition to the chain of bookstores - "BIBLUSI", it includes toy stores - "PEPELA" and "XS TOYS", a network of multifunctional shopping spaces - "MULTI" and a chain of cafes - "PIATTO". In total, the group owns 125 shopping spaces in Georgia.

In December 2022, " BIBLUSI Group" opened the "XS Toys" toy chain store in Celje, Slovenia, which is the first successful step in the global development strategy of the " BIBLUSI Group" network. In the future, the group plans to develop actively in the European market.

Bani – the first Georgian high-alcoholic drink of special taste, made with natural ingredients. The idea of creating the drink was born three years ago. And this year, it made it to the Georgian market. The company produces five types of drinks, including port-wine and mixes based on brandy: White port-wine, Red port-wine, pear and brand mix, Saperavi and brandy mix, cola and brandy mix.
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''BENJY’S'' was made after years of observing the details and searching for innovations. All to create fruit brandy, chacha, liquor, and chocolate of the best quality. 

The company's mission is to be close to and get the best from nature. Products of Benjy’s are made with only natural ingredients and unique recipes. 
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The company'Shatro Valley' established in 2017 to promote regional growth in wine industry and foster popularization of Georgian wines from Racha-Lechkhumi region on local and international markets. State grant program, special agroloan and private investments made it possible to build a 150t state-of-the-art winery to produce premium quality wines.

Wine School „ Kabistoni“ was founded in 2015. Its aim is to teach wine lovers and those, who are working in the field of tourism the culture and the history of the wine, the basics of viticulture and winemaking, proper evaluation and wine-tasting skills, basic principles of combination of wine and food, proper serving of wine and Georgian gastronomic culture.

Legend says that God, charmed by the beautiful Georgian soul, gifted them his lend, heaven on earth with its abundant vines, rich and diverse soils and ideal climate for viticulture. 8000 years of unbroken winemaking traditions have made every single Georgian at heart a winemaker. It is an inherent part of our identity, a national treasure that has shaped our culture and made us who we are today.

In the middle of Alazani Valley, lies Kakheti’s largest and the most important city - Telavi. It is on the outskirts of the city, on the way towards the mountains, where Telavi Wine Cellar was founded in 1915. For over a century, they have blended innovation with a sense of history, keeping faithful to the noble traditions of Kakhetian winemaking, while adapting to the modern methods of wine production and presenting  unambiguously Georgian product to the most refined, and discerning global palate. The wines of Telavi Wine Cellar embody the personality and diversity of Georgian viticulture and highlight our determination to present the best of their diverse local grape varieties and distinguished terroir.

Wine Company SHUMI was established in 2001 and is situated in the historical center of Georgian wine-making Tsinandali Village, region Kakheti. “Shumi” title has an old origin, which means genuine, pure, undiluted wine. The company owns vineyards in all major vine-making microzones of Georgia. The assortment of the company includes red and white, dry and naturally semi-sweet wines, organic (bio) wine, wine brandies, “Chacha” (grappa), etc.

Naturally carbonated sodium hydrogenated table water. Nabeghlavi is water for daily use, which helps to enrich the body with essential minerals.

Coffee, energy, mood, morning and you can combine it today under the name Louis Coffee. The company has 5 branches so far. And offers the customer first the qualituy at the forefront, and a very large selection.


Loomba thought lab was created to talk about all things healthy, all things glow and gut friendliness. Loomba is here for vegans, sugar free lifestylers and people who just want to enjoy themselves without hurting their organism at the same time, people who care about what they will have as breakfast, lunch and dinner or for a snack, because they know, you actually are what you eat.

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