Getting started with Verified by GS1
Trust and efficiency start with a valid ID. Get identity right with Verified by GS1.

How Verified by GS1 works

With Verified by GS1, any GS1 member can access the basic brand-sourced product data and have the foundation they need to deliver trusted information to their consumers. All companies across the commerce ecosystem will benefit as access to accurate, consistent product data becomes seamless and more efficient.

The Verified by GS1 service offers users four different search functionalities:

1. Verify Product (Search by GTIN)
Verify product enables users to query for a GTIN to verify product identification. The service returns information to answer the question 'is this product what I think it is?’.

2. Verify Party/Location (Search by GLN)
Verify Party/Location enables users to query for a GLN to verify party or location identification. The service returns the information to answer the question ‘Is this entity or location what I think it is?’.

3. Verify other keys (Search by other GS1 Keys)
Verifying other keys enables users to query for a GS1 key (SSCC, GRAI, GDTI, etc.) to verify the validity and licensee ownership information of a GS1 key.

4. Find Company (Search by Company name)
Find Company enables users to query for a company name and a country to find relevant licences and licence information about a GS1 member company where the company name matches the queried value. This search enables use cases where understanding whether a trading partner is a GS1 member is important.

Verified by GS1 is a cross-industry, global initiative
Verified by GS1 is launching worldwide, with the support of over 30 multinational companies.

Verified by GS1

Verified by GS1 makes it easy to search, look up, and verify information about any barcode number (GTIN, UPC, EAN), location (GLN), company, or other GS1 key (SSCC).