The ‘’Sante GMT products’’ company was founded in 1997. ‘’Sante’’ is the leader company in the Georgian market, equipped with modern level technologies and high organizational quality in the production of milk products and natural juices. 

 As of today, the company produces approximately 120 kinds of goods. ‘’Sante’’ was the first to create branded cheese and other products, such as a line of desserts ‘’Santisimo’’, the brand made from natural milk ‘’Santino’’, etc. 

The success of the company consists in the high quality of products and fast and uninterrupted delivery of goods with the help of a modern distributor network. Up to five hundred people are employed at ‘’Sante’’, also it has partner farmers and peasants from whom milk is gathered. There are approximately 200 such families. 

‘’Sante’’ was the first company in the south Caucasus to have an ISO certificate and it has another three international certificates. That confirms that security norms of produced food products are strictly and well-secured. 

‘’Sante GMT products’’ is a member of GS1 Georgia since the year it was founded. The company offers products to the customers throughout Georgia and also sells them in the export market.