Standards for Better Business

GS1 standards make it easier for millions of organizations to share information. But what standards are there and how could they help you?

What products do you sell? Where are they located? How much do they cost? When are they good until? The barcode – our most common standard — is used by retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers. Whether selling your products in a retail store or online or managing a shop or website, it makes you more efficient. All our standards help you identify, capture and share key information about products, locations, and assets. Whether tracking items from assembly to sale or making it easy to receive orders and issue invoices, business runs smoothly with GS1 standards.

    Save time and money 
Our standards enable intelligent automation. Share information without thinking about it, reduce back-and-forth communications, and get things done faster.

    Be more accurate
When you reduce data entry, you reduce errors. For example, electronic invoicing can streamline financial processes by recording, paying, and tracking transactions automatically.

    Build stronger relationships
Standards allow you to focus on what you have to say, rather than how you say it. And that means you can focus on increasing customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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Although the barcode is our best-known standard, we maintain a wide range of standards for organizations of all kinds.

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